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Cupping Therapy


Swedish/Relaxation: this modality is used to relax the entire body, the therapist uses an open palm to apply the strokes. This massage increases  blood circulation, rids tension in the muscles, decreases pain in your body...

Deep Tissue: similar to swedish this therapy is designed to address the deep layers of the muscles and tissues that contribute to chronic pain. This massage pressure will need to be adjusted per clients request. The technique is applied using the therapists thumbs, forearms, elbows, but can also have relaxation techniques incorporated to soothe treated areas

Hot Stone: These heated stones are used to relieve chronic muscle tension and increase blood circualtion, the stones have a sedative effect and with increased relaxation for the client deeper layers of the muscles may also be addressed at this time.

Prenatal: This is a pregnancy massage performed sidelying. This massage is light in pressure it may aid in the relief from back pain, headaches, stiff neck, and swelling. ( the therapist should be trained in spots/accupressure points that could induce labor or be sore to the touch, careful work to the inner thighs as pregnancy can sometimes lead to blood clots) If you have any concerns please consult with your physician before scheduling.

Fascial Release: This massage focuses on the fascia(connective tissue) to reduce tension, break up scar tissue, increase blood flow and lymph drainage, all which may hinder the muscles ability to perform to their full potential. No oil(or very little oil), is used on the area being treated the therapist anchors the facsia and gently stretches it, if she find restrictions there may be a prolonged period of holding and waiting for a release. This may be uncomfortable for some, but others find it extremely relaxing.

Reflexology (Foot); This is a massage used to relieve tension and illness based on a therory that there are reflex points in the feet that relate to every part of the body. (this massage here is usually a 20 to 30minute treatment that can be incorporated in with any of the above mentioned modalites, with the exception of prenatal as there are points on the feet that could trigger early labor

Massage Cupping: This is a negative pressure massage(also known as vacuum therapy). It is done by using special cups that create suction to lift tissues and structures away from the body as opposed to to pushing and stretching. This is beneficial in breaking up scar tissue, adhesions, toning attachment points, clearing out inflammation by bringing toxins to the surface of the skin and allowing the body to cleanse itself more quickly. It also opens up the lymph system (bodies natural filtratiion unit) as sometimes it can be congested hindering the healing  process.( side note, cupping can leave discoloration on your body, this discoloration is NOT bruising which is caused by impact trauma, it is a sign of toxin release, discoloration may last up to 2 weeks but typically is gone in 2 to 3 days. Do NOT book if you are worried about marks! (most of the discoloration is caused during dry cupping where the cups are left to sit for an extended period of time, however, if your worried about discoloration the cups can be moved around as an extension of the therapists hands, and still is very beneficial in breaking up scar tissue and releiving inflammation) See image above and below(Training obtained thru International Cupping Therapy Association)

 Medicupping- Medicupping strives to achieve the same type of results as massage cupping however with this negative presssure vacuum therapy session a machine is used to create the suction instead of a manual hand pump, this allows the therapist to have both hands on the client. (training obtained thru ACE Medicupping)